Automotive Center of Excellence Quality

IDT Europe GmbH

The Quality Promise

Nothing less than excellence
Quality is important in everything we do. We aim high to meet your expectations for quality, and help you meet your customers’ expectations. To this end, IDT Europe GmbH has instated a rigorous corporate quality policy geared to satisfy your demands for best-in class services and products.

Built-in to benefit your business
Taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach, IDT Europe GmbH pursues the goal of built-in quality in all design and manufacturing processes and business operations – and we welcome feedback, seizing every opportunity to give our customers a voice in shaping even better practices. Our people apply lean six sigma principles to make small but steady improvements and move even closer to the ultimate goal of zero-fault quality. Certifications such as TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as our certified quality management system, are the milestones along the way.

Quality-minded from the drawing board to the executive board
Quality is of strategic importance to our business, so IDT Europe GmbH brings suppliers onboard and encourages partners to commit to our policies. Mindful of its significance to our company and customers, our executive board takes a keen interest in quality, regularly reviewing key objectives, gauging performance benchmarks, and cultivating a total quality mindset throughout our enterprise.

Corporate Quality Policy

IDT Europe GmbH‘s Corporate Quality Policy is centered on a “built-In quality” strategy in all processes and operations along with a “voice-of-customer” and “voice-of-supply partner” feedback process. Lean Six-Sigma methodology is used to achieve continuous improvement towards zero-incidence quality. To support this quality goal, IDT Europe GmbH shares and spreads this policy onto its suppliers. Quality is of strategic business importance to IDT Europe GmbH. The key quality objectives and key performance metrics are reviewed regularly at the Executive Management Board level and are communicated throughout the company.

Automotive Certified Quality Management System

IDT Europe GmbH maintains a company-wide Certified Quality Management System.

The Management System is targeted at ensuring customer satisfaction by avoiding failures throughout all phases from product development until production. It ensures that all procedures, tools, documents, product developments, production and customer-specific requirements conform to the appropriate standards and customer expectations for automotive products.

The Management System supports the corporate environmental and quality targets, thus providing sustainable success for the company. The system adheres to three key standards:

The effectiveness of the Management System is regularly audited by an external auditing body as well as internally by the Quality Management department.

IDT Europe GmbH cooperates with strategic partners which are under a regular auditing schedule to ensure full compliance with the TS 16949 standard.

Six-Sigma Initiative

IDT Europe GmbH employs Six-Sigma as the basis for all its continuous improvement initiatives. The executive management team supervises the corporate initiative.

IDT Europe GmbH launched the Six-Sigma Initiative in 2004. Dozens of Six-Sigma projects have been successfully completed, and many employees and managers have attained Six-Sigma belts of varying degrees.


IDT Europe GmbH maintains a Continuous Reliability Monitoring Program (CRMP) which includes different products by technology. The selection is made to encompass the full span of its product portfolio. Reliability data is collected as part of IDT Europe GmbH’s CRMP and as part of the normal product qualification and re-qualification process. This data is periodically updated to include the most recent test results.

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Supplier Quality Requirements

IDT Europe GmbH delivers high-quality products into global markets. Customer requirements and expectations, in particular for automotive and medical applications, are documented in the IDT Europe GmbH Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) document.

IDT Europe GmbH clearly pursues a "Zero Incident Target (ZIT)". To this end, proactive failure avoidance rather than reactive failure detection is key, and thus expected from its suppliers. Superior quality and incidence-free product and service delivery is considered a strategic company target. IDT Europe GmbH expects its suppliers to share this mindset and its quality targets in a proactive manner.

This expectation of co-operation between IDT Europe GmbH and suppliers is proof of a structured and effective quality system.