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ASI4U - Application Circuit
ASI4U - Block Diagram
ASI4U - Pinout


AS-Interface Spec. V3.0 Compliant Universal AS-i IC

The ASI4U is a next-generation CMOS integrated circuit for AS-i networks. This low-level field bus AS i (Actuator Sensor Interface) was designed for easy, safe, and cost-effective interconnection of sensors, actuators, and switches. It transports both power and data over the same two-wire unshielded cable.

The ASI4U is used as part of a master or slave node and functions as an interface to the physical bus. It provides the power supply, physical data transfer, and communication protocol handling. The ASI4U is fully compliant with the AS-Interface Complete Specification V3.0. It is function and pin compatible with the A²SI IC.

All configuration data are stored in an internal EEPROM that can be easily programmed by a stationary or handheld programming device. The special AS-i safety option assures short response times for security-related events.


  • Compliant with AS-Interface Complete Specifica-tion V3.0
  • Universal application: slaves, masters, repeaters, and bus-monitorsFloating AS-i transmitter and receiver for highly symmetrical high-power applications
  • On-chip electronic inductor with current drive capability of 55 mA
  • Two configurable LED outputs to support all AS Interface Complete Specification V3.0 status indication modes
  • Several data pre-processing functions, including configurable data input filters and bit-selective data inverting
  • Additional addressing channel for easy wireless module setup
  • Support of 8 and 16 MHz crystals by automatic frequency detection
  • Special AS-i safety option
  • Clock watchdog for high system security

Product Specification

FunctionAdvanced Features
Interface for ASI 3.0

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. RangeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
ASI4UE-E-G1-SRActivePSG28SOIC28-25 to 105°CReelCheck Availability
ASI4UE-E-G1-STActivePSG28SOIC28-25 to 105°CTubeCheck Availability
ASI4UE-F-G1-SRActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CReelCheck Availability
ASI4UE-F-G1-STActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CTubeCheck Availability
ASI4UE-G1-MRActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CReelCheck Availability
ASI4UE-G1-MTActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CTubeCheck Availability
ASI4UE-G1-SRActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CReelCheck Availability
ASI4UE-G1-SR-7ActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CReelCheck Availability
ASI4UE-G1-STActivePYG28SSOP28-40 to 85°CTubeCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
Datasheets & Errata
AS-Interface Evaluation Tools Feature Sheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 76 KB Apr 21, 2016
ASI4U Short-form Datasheet Short Form Datasheet PDF 63 KB Jan 26, 2016
ASI4U Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1 MB Jan 26, 2016
User Guides & Manuals
AS-Interface Programmer V2.0 USB User Manual Manual PDF 1.29 MB Aug 4, 2016
ASI4U Application Note - EEPROM Programming Manual PDF 131 KB Apr 20, 2016
Apps Notes & White Papers
AS-Interface Application Note - ASI4U and SAP5 Master Mode Application Note PDF 490 KB Apr 20, 2016
IDT CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20160819 PCB Design Files ZIP 1.20 MB Aug 19, 2016
AS-I Family Application Note - Electrical Inductor Schematic PDF 107 KB May 1, 2016
ASI4U Release Note for Revision E Technical Brief PDF 227 KB Apr 20, 2016

Software & Tools

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
AS-I Programmer Software Rev. 2.50 Software ZIP 10.80 MB Aug 5, 2016