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PCI Express® Bridges

PCI Express® bridges support a wide range of PCIe® bridging needs in a broad range of consumer and enterprise applications. Their superior bridging performance and low latency provides customers with optimal system performance. In addition, being pin compatible with a competitive offering gives customers an easy to design-in alternative for existing designs.

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Primary PCI BusTransparency ModePkg. CodePkg. TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)Temp. Grade
89PEB383 Device User Manual89HPEB383
PCIe to PCI Bridge
PCIe x1Non-transparent, Opaque, TransparentEMG128, NQ132, NQG132TQFP, VFQFPN10, 1410, 14C
Tsi381 Feature SheetTsi381 - Block DiagramTSI381
PCIe to PCI Bridge
PCIe x1Non-transparent, Opaque, TransparentBC144, BCG144CABGA1313I
Tsi382 Feature SheetTsi382 - Block DiagramTSI382
PCIe to PCI Bridge
PCIe x1Non-transparent, Opaque, TransparentAB144, ABG144, DAG176CABGA, TQFP10, 2010, 20C, I
Tsi382A Feature SheetTsi382A - Block DiagramTSI382A
PCIe to PCI Bridge
PCIe x1DAG176TQFP2020C
Tsi384 Feature SheetTsi384 - Block DiagramTSI384
PCIe to PCI-X Bridge
PCIe x4Non-transparent, Opaque, TransparentAM256, AMG256PBGA1717I