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PCI Express® Switches

IDT provides the industry’s most comprehensive family of high performance, scalable PCI Express switches. Through extensive collaboration with leading customers, IDT’s PCIe Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 switching solutions are optimized to maximize performance per watt for the most demanding server, storage, communications, embedded and consumer applications. With switching solutions optimized for System Interconnect and I/O Expansion, IDT is the right choice.

System Interconnect Solutions

IDT introduced the industry’s first PCI Express Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 system interconnect solutions. Consisting of a broad family of configurations for control, data and services plane traffic, the solutions provide deterministic, non-blocking, line rate performance and advanced support for inter-processor communications and peripheral sharing in bladed and large-scale embedded applications.
Delivers high performance and scalability
  - Industry’s first 64-lane devices offer 128GBps (Gen3), 64GBps (Gen2) and 32GBps (Gen1) capacity 
  - Industry’s first 16-port device increases system scalability
Enables flexible system scaling and optimal resource utilization
  - Multi-root support through partitionable switch architecture
  - Dynamic I/O allocation and sharing
  - Flexible I/O mapping
Ensures high RAS and security
  - Advanced multi-host failover
  - End point security and isolation

I/O Expansion Switching Solutions

The IDT family of PCIe switches for I/O expansion is the broadest, most targeted set of solutions aimed at providing high-performance “aggregation” or “fan-out” switching to fill the connectivity gap created by north bridge devices with limited high performance I/O expansion. The family offers the most comprehensive set of solutions with configurations ranging from 3 to 48 lanes and 3 to 12 ports.
Delivers high performance and scalability
  - Industry’s first Gen2 switches
  - Industry’s first 12-port switch
  - Cut-through switching architecture for low system latency
  - Support for a large number of flow control credits
  - 2 Kbyte maximum payload size (MPS)
Simplifies thermal management
  - Lower power, 20% to 50% lower than competitive offerings
  - Reduces or eliminates heat sinks, air flow requirements
Saves board space
  - Small footprint, up to 40% smaller than competitive offerings