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80HCPS1616 - Block Diagram


RapidIO Switch

The IDT CPS-1616 provides a full, non-blocking bandwidth of 80 Gbps for up to 16 ports. The device uses a 5th generation switch fabric, building upon Gen1 CPS and Tsi switching architectures. This new switch uses patent pending features to minimize latency, ensure scheduling fairness, and provide superior multicast throughput. The CPS-1616's 6.25 Gbaud SerDes is ideal for doing both local interconnect with low power, while also driving backplane links.
This performance is realized over twice the transmission channel distance and three orders of magnitude improvement in bit error rate (BER) compared to the very capable Gen1 standard.


  • Designed to Serial RapidIO 2.1 Specification
  • 16 lanes, with up to 4x4, 8x2, 16x1 port configurations
  • Long reach 100-cm 2 connector
  • Each quad configurable as 1x4, 2x2, 4x1
  • 1.25, 2.5, 3.125, 5.0, or 6.25 Gbaud
  • Up to 40% power-per-gigabit savings vs. RapidIO 1.3 switches
  • 21x21 FCBGA
  • Full-duplex 80 Gbps non-blocking bandwidth

Product Specification

Throughput (Gbps)Cut Through Latency (ns)MulticastMulticast Masks (#)Individual Port ShutdownOn-Die ScopePacket Trace/Mirror/FilterProg Pre-emphasis per PortProg Rec Equal per PortS-RIO Specification

Product Options

Orderable Part IDPart StatusPkg. CodePkg. TypeLead Count (#)Temp. GradePb (Lead) FreeCarrier TypeSample & Buy
80HCPS1616CHRActiveHR400FCBGA400CNoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CHRIActiveHR400FCBGA400INoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CRMActiveRM400FCBGA400CNoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CRMIActiveRM400FCBGA400INoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616RMNot Recommended
RM400FCBGA400CNoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616RMINot Recommended
RM400FCBGA400INoTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CHLGPreviewHLG400FCBGA400CYesTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CHLGIPreviewHLG400FCBGA400IYesTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CHMGActiveHMG400FCBGA400CYesTrayCheck Availability
80HCPS1616CHMGIActiveHMG400FCBGA400IYesTrayCheck Availability


Technical Documentation

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
Datasheets & Errata
CPS-1616 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 632 KB Apr 4, 2016
CPS-1616 Device Errata Errata PDF 178 KB Mar 23, 2016
User Guides & Manuals
CPS-1616 User Manual Manual PDF 2.28 MB Jun 2, 2014
Serial RapidIO Gen2 Development Platform (SRDP2) User Manual Manual PDF 2.36 MB Jun 12, 2012
Serial RapidIO Gen2 Development Platform (SRDP2) Quick Start Guide Manual PDF 49 KB Apr 5, 2012
Apps Notes & White Papers
Adaptive DFE Application Note Application Note PDF 209 KB Mar 19, 2013
Debugging S-RIO Gen2 Switches Using RapidFET Application Note Application Note PDF 6.32 MB Mar 29, 2012
S-RIO Gen2 Switch Signal Quality Optimization Application Note Application Note PDF 1.78 MB Oct 14, 2011
PCN# : A1312-09 Alternate Bump and Assembly Facility Product Change Notice PDF 26 KB Jan 14, 2014
PCN# : A1312-04 Changed of Assembly Material Sets Product Change Notice PDF 25 KB Jan 8, 2014
S-RIO Switch Feature Comparison Chart Product Brief PDF 50 KB Feb 16, 2016
Serial RapidIO Development Platform (SRDP2) Schematic Schematic PDF 566 KB Apr 7, 2015
S-RIO Linux Support Miscellaneous PDF 12 KB Mar 25, 2015
show all (7)
Applications for RapidIO Gen2 Training PDF 540 KB Apr 10, 2013
RapidIO2 Switch Overview Portfolio Overview PDF 4.03 MB Mar 1, 2011
CPS-1616 Product Brief Product Brief PDF 847 KB Feb 11, 2011
CPS-1616 Pinlist Pinlist-Ballmap TXT 5 KB Nov 5, 2010

Software & Tools

Title Type Format File Size Datesort icon
CPS-1616 BSDL Model Model - BSDL TXT 21 KB May 3, 2012
CPS-1616 IBIS Model Model - IBIS ZIP 32 KB Jan 17, 2014
S-RIO Gen2 Switch IBIS-AMI Model Model - IBIS ZIP 611 KB Nov 5, 2014
Thermal Compact Model (Flotherm) Lidded FCBGA 21x21mm 2R - CPS-1616 Switch Model - Thermal ZIP 1 KB Jul 22, 2013
Thermal Compact Model (Flotherm) Lidded FCBGA 21x21mm Detailed - CPS-1616 Switch Model - Thermal ZIP 7 KB Jul 22, 2013
Thermal Compact Model (Flotherm) Lidless FCBGA 21x21mm 2R - 1616 Switch Model - Thermal ZIP 1 KB Jan 18, 2012
Thermal Compact Model (Flotherm) Lidless FCBGA 21x21mm Detailed - 1616 Switch Model - Thermal ZIP 5 KB Jan 18, 2012
CPS-1616 Power Calculator 1 Model - Power Calculator ZIP 13 KB Mar 4, 2011
RapidIO Switch API Installer Software ZIP 364 KB Mar 25, 2015
CPS-1616 Header File Software Tool TXT 107 KB May 8, 2012
CPS-1616 RapidFET 3_2_003 Module Software Tool ZIP 875 KB Dec 20, 2012

News & Additional Resources

Title Date
IDT and CERN openlab Mark Milestone for Data Acquisition and Data Center Analytics Applications Used for Large Hadron Collider Jun 22, 2016
Huawei Selects IDT RapidIO Technology for Video Platform Apr 27, 2016
IDT and Prodrive Technologies Partner to Develop 100ns Latency, Energy-Efficient RapidIO Switch Appliance Portfolio Mar 9, 2016
Low-Latency Interconnects Plumb Depths of Particle Physics Jan 27, 2016
IDT and CERN openlab Engineer Low-Latency RapidIO Platform to Speed and Improve Analytics at Large Hadron Collider and Data Center Dec 15, 2015
IDT Treats Network and Data Center Operators with a Vibrant Mobile Edge Computing Platform Oct 23, 2015
IDT Launches Low-Latency Computing Platform to Speed Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning at the Edge of Networks Oct 13, 2015
IDT’s RapidIO Solutions Enable Fujitsu’s C-RAN Deployments Jul 29, 2015
IDT Launches Open High-Performance Analytics and Computing Lab to Integrate RapidIO Interconnect with Heterogeneous Platforms Jul 15, 2015
ARTICLE: Will the Large Hadron Collider and IDT finally agree that the answer is 42? Apr 29, 2015
RapidIO is being targeted at high performance computing applications as latency becomes a critical factor Jan 28, 2015
IDT RapidIO Interconnect Enables Orange’s Successful Social Media Analytics Project Sep 4, 2014
IDT Introduces RapidIO®-based Supercomputing and Data Center Reference Platform with 20 Gbps-per-port Switching and Intel Processing Sep 9, 2013
IDT RapidIO® 20 Gbps-per-port Switches Provide High-performance Interconnect for Low-power BrownDwarf Supercomputer Jun 17, 2013
IDT RapidIO® Gen2 Switch Selected for High Speed Interconnect on Texas Instruments’ TCI6616 Wireless Base Station Evaluation Module Mar 24, 2011
IDT Expands Industry-Leading Switch Portfolio with New Family of Serial RapidIO® Gen2 Switches Jun 22, 2010

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