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Serial RapidIO Gen 2

Serial RapidIO® - The Second Generation

IDT RapidIO Gen2 solutions increase performance, reduce power consumption, and lower design costs

As an industry-leading supplier of Serial RapidIO solutions, IDT provides RapidIO switches, IP and design tools that help bring your designs successfully to market. The broad IDT offering of RapidIO 1.3 solutions now includes Serial RapidIO Gen2 solutions. Consisting of a comprehensive portfolio of IP, switches, evaluation platforms and tools, the IDT RapidIO Gen2 solutions provide higher interconnect speeds, aggregation of larger numbers of processors, and reductions in latency when compared to the RapidIO 1.3 devices. 

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Feature enhancements

IDT is enhancing many features in its RapidIO 1.3 offering as we bring Gen2 features to market, including:

  • Full line rate non-blocking fabrics with 20 Gbps per port full duplex
  • Support for all RapidIO Gen2 speeds up to 6.25 Gbaud
  • Programmable pre-emphasis and receive equalization
  • Programmable watermarks on packet buffers
  • Packet trace / mirror / filter per port for system debugging
  • High-performance multicast
  • Superior latency
  • Best in class power per 10 Gbps of data
  • Reach requirements up to 100 cm including two connectors
  • Backward compatibility to RapidIO 1.3

Applications that benefit from RapidIO Gen2
Wireless baseband, video and military, and critical embedded systems applications deploy large clusters of peer-to-peer ASICs and DSPs. These applications are ideal for RapidIO Gen2 because they are increasingly driven by performance demands that require ever larger and more powerful clusters of processing elements.

Military VITA 41 20+ port RapidIO-enabled switch card
Click the small diagram to see a larger  view
             Typical wireless 3G long term evolution (LTE) card. 
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Military and Critical Embedded Applications

  • Most reliable embedded interconnect, and double per link performance over Serial RapidIO 1.3
  • Supports aggregation of larger processor clusters with fewer traces on single-board computers for mission critical applications
  • Supports more bandwidth to backplane and board-to-board interconnect, enabling higher performance system
  • Interconnect for VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) 41 and VITA 46

Benefits of IDT RapidIO Gen2 solutions

  • Increases performance, reduces power consumption, and lowers design costs
  • Leverages extensive IDT application knowledge in wireless, video and military and embedded markets to offer optimal feature enhancements for next-generation systems  
  • Works out-of-the-box with IDT Serial RapidIO switches, resulting in faster time to market and ease of implementation
  • Uses IDT expertise in system modeling to allow customers to maximize bandwidth utilization and guarantee overall system performance
  • Delivers the best performance, lowest latency solutions

IDT offers RapidIO Gen2 intellectual property (IP)

As part of its RapidIO Gen2 portfolio, IDT offers endpoint intellectual property (IP) which allows DSPs, ASICs and microprocessors to easily access RapidIO networks. By using IDT RapidIO Gen2 IP, customers are assured of interoperability with the number one supplier of RapidIO switches: IDT.

IDT RapidIO Gen2 endpoint IP works seamlessly with all silicon in the ecosystem that has been tested pre-silicon with the RapidIO Trade Association’s bus functional model and post-silicon with those that have achieved RapidIO Interoperability Lab (RIOLAB) certification.

Customers using the IDT RapidIO endpoint IP are supported by the IDT RapidIO system modeling tool, allowing them to proactively architect RapidIO networks with a variety of traffic scenarios, port widths and speeds in advance of board design. This allows customers to optimally select systems configuration based on overall performance. In summary, IDT remains committed to ensuring a robust RapidIO Gen2 ecosystem for high performance wireless, military and video systems.

IDT RapidIO Gen2 IP Features:

  • S-RIO v1.3 and 2.1 compliant
  • Can be used in DSPs, CPUs and ASICs synthesizable from RTL
  • Target 65 nm or lower CMOS process technology
  • Supports up to x4 ports, maximum of 20 Gbps
  • Ingress and egress buffers enhanced over v1.3 for superior system level performance
  • Watermarks per FlowIDs buffers
  • Lane Reversal and Polarity Inversion capable for ease of board level design
  • Hot Insertion / Extraction Support
  • Independent port resets and power down
  • Supports MECS
  • Supports Error Management Extensions (Part 8)
  • Pre-silicon tested versus RapidIO Trade Association Bus Functional Model
  • Interoperable with all IDT RapidIO Gen2 switches
  • Interoperable with TI next-generation DSPs that use the same IP
  • 128 bit at 156.25 MHz Endpoint Interface Module to interface to ASIC / DSP / CPU internal bus

    • IDT RapidIO Gen2 Switch Overview Portfolio Download PDF
    • IDT Serial RapidIO Gen2 White Paper Download PDF
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    • IDT News Release  Oct.12, 2009:  “IDT Introduces Serial RapidIO Gen2 Development Program, Texas Instruments™ Selects IDT Serial RapidIO Gen 2 IP for Wireless-Optimized DSP
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