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CommAgility AMC V5F-10G


The CommAgility AMC-V5F-10G is a single width, full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card. It is aimed at the latest wireless baseband applications as well as other high performance FPGA processing and optical data interfacing applications.
The 10 Gbps SFP+ optical interface is a key feature of the AMC-V5F-10G. As well as supporting standard XAUI links this interface can uniquely be configured to support CPRI at a 16x rate of 9.8304 Gbps for advanced multi-rate LTE applications, giving clock synchronization through the optical link. In addition there are two standard SFP interfaces which can be configured for a range of interfaces such as CPRI, OBSAI, Gigabit Ethernet or RapidIO. Clock stability and synchronization for wireless applications is achieved through an on-board OCXO based PLL.
A Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T FPGA provides the main processing. This configures and boots from FLASH on reset, using one of 4 selectable configuration images which are customer programmable and can be updated over Ethernet. The FPGA is fully customer configurable.
For more information about the CommAgility AMC-V5F-10G, see
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T FPGA, customer programmable (alternatives also possible)
  • Front panel SFP+ interface from FPGA for a 10Gbps optical data link, using Vitesse VSC8486 XAUI to XFI transceiver
  • SFP+ data rates of 10 Gbps (Ethernet) or 9.8304 Gbps (synchronized 16x CPRI) via build options
  • Dual SFP interfaces from FPGA for antenna or other high speed data links
  • Advanced CPRI/OBSAI clock recovery with synchronisation OCXO; clock I/O from front panel or AMC backplane
  • Build options for Serial RapidIO® or PCI Express® from FPGA to AMC backplane
  • Full Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure
  • Single width, full-size PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 Advanced Mezzanine Card
  • Software and firmware library support
  • High performance FPGA resource for wireless baseband or customer applications
  • Enables use in systems requiring very high speed optical links
  • Enables advanced wireless applications at 4x the normal CPRI rate, as well as more standard telecom applications
  • Additional optical data interfacing
  • Covers multiple requirements for base stations and test equipment;
  • High-bandwidth interconnect to other AMCs at up to 10 Gbps per link
  • Industry standard interconnect
  • Works with industry standard MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA systems
  • Fast route to application integration
  • Reduces risk and speeds time to market