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RapidFET™ JTAG is an out-of-band RapidIO® diagnostic tool that has been specifically designed to support IDT RapidIO components. The software leverages the same “look and feel” as Fabric Embedded Tools’ RapidFET Professional software so it is familiar and easy to use when accessing internal RapidIO registers or being able to instantly analyze the RapidIO port connection diagram. However because it plugs directly into JTAG and I2C interfaces, it can also be used to facilitate functions such as SERDES Tx/Rx setting optimization which are sometimes difficult if not impossible to do using RapidIO in-band techniques.

RapidFET JTAG software is installed on a PC and connected to an IDT switch via a special USB to JTAG/I2C adapter. It can connect to TSI and CPS brands of switches (See List of supported devices for details).

In order to meet the different needs of developers, we are introducing both a Standard and Enhanced version of RapidFET JTAG tool.

RapidFET™ JTAG supports the following key features:

  • Register Editor
  • Performance Monitor
  • Switch EEPROM routing table / register programming
  • Report generation / Save EEPROM to/from file
  • Port/Lane Mapping and Control – **
  • SERDES Configuration and Error Detection – **
  • Automated DFE Scan Algorithm – **
  • Packet Error Generator – **

(** Enhanced version only for IDT Gen2 switches)


RapidFET™ JTAG comes with:

  • RapidFET JTAG Diagnostic Software – Downloaded from our website
  • USB to JTAG Debug Adapter - This Adapter is used to connect the JTAG or I2C interface on various switches to your PC
  • USB License Key – This key is used to control the RapidFET software license. It is capable of being upgraded electronically to the Enhanced version of RapidFET JTAG and RapidFET Professional
  • USB Cable – Use to connect your PC to the Adapter

For more info on features, licensing and pricing, please contact us at