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Freescale™ MSC8156 AMC


The Freescale™ MSC8156AMC is a high density single width, full height Advanced Mezzanine Card DSP platform, based around 3 MSC8156 DSPs and the IDT CPS-10Q RapidIO switch. The MSC8156 delivers a high level of performance and integration, combining six fully programmable, new and enhanced SC3850 DSP cores, each running at 1 GHz. This 18 GHz of processing power coupled with an architecture highly optimized for wireless infrastructure applications make this an ideal platform for developing solutions for the next generation of wireless standards such as 3G_LTE, WiMAX, HSDPA+ and TDD-LTE
Each MSC8156 has 1 GB of associated 64-bit-wide DDR3 memory split into 2 banks. For data plane applications high throughput 3.125 GHz x4 RapidIO links connect the three MSC8156s to each other and to the data backplane. The RapidIO interfaces are connected via the IDT high bandwidth 10 port (x4) CPS10Q S-RIO switch. Data and/or control plane applications can be supported by the RapidIO interfaces or alternatively control plane can be handled by the 1G Ethernet interfaces; with each DSP having its two Gigabit RGMII interfaces connected to the backplane via an Ethernet switch. 
Form Factor 
o Single-width AMC size, full height module 
Three MSC8156 DSPs 
o Powerful and flexible DSP with six SC3850 Starcore® cores at 1 GHz and up to 48000 MMACS per device 
o Multi accelerator platform engine for baseband applications (MAPLE-B) 
o Programmable Turbo and Viterbi decoder 
o Two banks of 512 MByte 64-bit DDR3-800 per MSC8156 
S-RIO Connectivity 
o Full S-RIO connectivity between MSC8156s and between MSC8156s and backplane ports 
o Each MSC8156 with two x4 3.125 GHz S-RIO ports connected to IDT CPS10Q S-RIO switch. 
o Four backplane ports from port lanes [4:7], [8:11], [12:15] and [17:20] connected toIDT CPS-10Q S-RIO Switch 
Ethernet Connectivity 
o Each MSC8156 with two RGMII ports connected to Ethernet switch. 
o 1000 Base-X Gigabit Ethernet from backplane ports [0] and [1] routed to MSC8156s via Ethernet switch 
o Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces routed to front panel RJ45s 
o MSC8156 boot via S-RIO over back plane 
o MSC8156 boot from on-board I2C EEPROM 
o JTAG header provided for MSC8156 access 
o Expansion card enabling access to FPGA and MMC controller headers 
o Two DIL switches provide configuration and debug options 
Module Management Controller 
o Hot Swapping 
o FRU Storage 
o Status LEDs 
o Temperature and voltage monitoring 
  • System component for wireless LTE, 3G HSPA or WiMAX baseband processing, media gateway and RNC systems 
  • Software development platform for baseband, media gateway and RNC solutions 
  • Design reference and enablement platform for customers and third parties