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IDT Signal Analyzer


The IDT family of RapidIO Switches enable a system-level diagnostic capability using features built into the SerDes on RapidIO ports. The quality of the RapidIO link connected between IDT switches, or between a IDT switch and a compatible endpoint, can be analyzed with the RapidIO Signal Analyzer.
This tool enables the system OEM to view the quality of the serial signal as seen on the actual die through a hardware component, the Tsi574™ Link Partner Card (LPC); and a software component, the On-chip Scope diagnostic software (OCS). These components of the RapidIO Signal Analyzer work together to provide signal visibility and to analyze link integrity in IDT RapidIO based designs.
  • Serial RapidIO Signal Analyzer includes:
    • Hardware - LPC AMC board 
    • Software - On-chip Scope (OCS) diagnostic software 
  • Sample the signal eye diagram at both ends of the link 
  • Characterize link BER as a function of phase and amplitude 
  • Evaluate link impact on:
    • Transmitter pre-emphasis 
    • Receiver equalization 
  • No need for external probe points 
  • Optional access to internal IDT Serial RapidIO registers 
  • Accelerates debug and time-to-market
    • Fast debug, validation, and characterization of high-speed signals 
  • Enables user to:
    • Verify board design 
    • Measure actual eye at the device receiver 
    • Evaluate impact of transmitter pre-emphasis and receiver equalization on signal integrity 
  • Reduces test expenses 
      Document Title:   IDT Serial RapidIO Signal Analyzer 
      Type:  Hardware
      Version:  1
      Release Date:   Jan. 28, 2009
      File Info:  INternal URL
For more information about the IDT Serial RapidIO Signal Analyzer, click on the device of interest.