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IDT Tsi578 MSM


MicroTCA Carrier Hub Switching Sub System, Enabled by RapidIO
The IDT Tsi578 MicroTCA Switching Module (MSM)™ uses the board level technology of Ericsson, the leading wireless infrastructure provider, with IDT industry-proven Tsi578 16/8 RapidIO Switch to provide switching functionality for a MicroTCA system. The Tsi578 MSM broadens the scope of the RapidIO-based MicroTCA ecosystem. The design of this card is available under sub-license from IDT.
Ericsson designed its MicroTCA carrier hub and associated backplane using IDT Tsi578 RapidIO switches with excellent support from IDT technical support team. The design is used by Ericsson in ongoing development activities. 
Tsi578 MSM Block Diagram
Physical Characteristics
  • Differential AC-coupled 156.25 MHz reference clock for the serial transmit and internal switching fabric domains 
  • Optimal routing with 14-layer PCB 
  • Powered through an AMC connector from MicroTCA chassis 
  • 12V DC power supply from AMC connector
    • Generates 3.3V and 1.2V DC power for the Tsi578 
  • Single-width AMC (28.96 mm x 73.81 mm x 208.53 mm) 
  • 100-MHz clock signal, common for the Tsi578 internal register bus and I2C interface 
  • AMC form-factor switching card
    • AMC.0 (Revision 2.0) compliant 
  • RapidIO fatpipe for switching function of a MicroTCA Carrier Hub 
  • One 10-Gbps RapidIO port to the backplane for each of the 12 AMC slots within a MicroTCA chassis 
  • 4x mode, 3.125 Gbaud RapidIO ports operating up to 10 Gbps 
  • Two 4x RapidIO interfaces accessible by the front panel
    • Enables communication with other switch cards or external equipment, for cascading or stacking of systems 
  • I2C Interface
    • Boot from EEPROM using the I2C Interface 
  • JTAG Interface, 1149.1 and 1149.6 support 
  • Hardware Enabled Multicast 
  • Twelve 10-Gbps RapidIO ports for high speed AMC connectivity in data-intensive applications, such as 3G LTE and WiMAX 
  • Two 10-Gbps RapidIO front panel ports for system scaling or debug 
  • Fast time to market by using Tsi578 MSM and off-the-shelf AMC cards to develop system-level hardware and software 
  • Leverages field-proven design of Tsi578 16/8 port RapidIO switch for best-in-class switching performance with RIOLAB certified DIL-3 interoperability test conformance 
  • High signal integrity features such as transmit pre-emphasis and receive equalization ensure high performance over backplane or across cable connections 
  • Enables traffic management across system by using IDT programmable buffers and traffic shaping features 
  • Leverages high performance multicast to build scalable multiprocessor systems 
Sub-Licensing Information
For sub-licensing information on the Tsi578 MSM (part number Tsi578-MSM),  please contact us at
        Document Title:  Tsi578 MicroTCA Switching Module 
        Type:  Hardware
        Version:  1
        Release Date:  Jan. 28, 2009
For more information about the Tsi578 MSM,  see the Tsi578 product page.