The PCIe -S-RIO EVM is a standard 32bit PCI card 4 lanes through the Tsi620 switch for an AMC, SMA, and back panel Infiniband connectors. The module has JTAG for the Tsi620. It is powered from the PCIe 3.3volts.  A 12Volt connector is provided for the AMC connector. The module allows the user to interface a standard PC through S-RIO bridge and end point via an AMC, Infiniband, and SMA connectors. An optional adapter using the Tsi38x for PCI to PCIe is available to allow the PCIe - S-RIO EVM to be PCIe Gen1 compatible.
  • Half length PCI (standard low-height card)
  • IDT Tsi620 Multiprotocol Switch 
  • PCI or PCIe (x1 or x4)
  • AMC 0.4 and 0.2/SCOPE compliant connector
  • 1 Infiniband S-RIO x4 from IO
  • SMA x4 connectors
  • Supports RapidIO 1.3
  • JTAG IEEE 1149.1
  • Optional PCI to PCIe adapter with Tsi38x