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IDT Tsi620 Evaluation Board

The IDT Tsi620 Evaluation Board (EVB) is an AMC width card that enables system OEMs to develop applications that use the Tsi620 Multi-protocol RapidIO Switch. The EVB can be used in a MicroTCA chassis or standalone.

The core of the EVB is the IDT Tsi620. This device provides the functionality of both a RapidIO switch and a non-transparent RapidIO-to-PCI bridge. The RapidIO Switch offers 50 Gbps aggregate bandwidth, while the RapidIO-to-PCI bridge enables legacy systems to link to the high-bandwidth RapidIO interconnect.

The Tsi620 contains all the benefits of IDT’s family of RapidIO switches. In addition, the device interfaces to low-cost FPGAs through an FPGA port that transmits the RapidIO logical and transport layer over an XGMII physical interface for connection to non-SerDes FPGAs.

The Tsi620 EVB allows customers to leverage the FPGA interface to an Altera Stratix III, RapidIO interface to a Texas Instruments TCI6487 multi-core DSP, and PCI-enabled processors through a PMC connector. Using the Tsi620’s hardware-based RapidIO-to-PCI bridging, customers can connect to low-cost processors and re-use existing software.

The Tsi620 EVB also offers an AMC form factor interface to add other RapidIO-enabled cards in standalone mode. Alternatively, customers can use the AMC backplane connector to network to other AMC cards in a MicroTCA chassis using RapidIO.

Tsi620 Evaluation Board Block Diagram



  • AMC width board for MicroTCA chassis or standalone operation 
  • Tsi620 Multi-Protocol RapidIO Switch 
  • Texas Instruments TCI6487 DSP connected by two RapidIO 1x links to Tsi620 
  • Altera Stratix III FPGA using RapidIO over XGMII to Tsi620 (at up to 10 Gbps) 
  • Antenna interface to FPGA and DSP 
  • Hardware bridging to PCI; PCI interface exposed to PMC connector 
  • Supports DSP clustering through backplane RapidIO to DSP AMCs 
  • Ethernet connectivity to FPGA and DSP through RJ45 connectors 
  • One RapidIO 4x port to AMC backplane 
  • One RapidIO 4x port to AMC finger connector 


  • Exercise all functionality of Tsi620 with FPGA and DSP before your hardware is ready 
  • Develop application software and firmware to enable fast time-to-market 
  • Leverage existing MicroTCA and AMC hardware to develop complete hardware-based system prototypes 
  • Add your choice of DSPs or microprocessors using the AMC and PMC slots for complete system-level flexibility 
  • Cost reduce your system design using RapidIO/multi-protocol systems 

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  • Document Title:    Tsi620 Evaluation Board
  • Type:  Hardware
  • Version:  1
  • Release Date:  Jan. 28, 2009
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For more information about the Tsi620 Evaluation Board, see the Tsi620 product page.