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3.3V CBTLV Double Density (General Purpose Bus Switch)

IDT offers a family of 3.3V Bus Switches that provide high-speed switching without adding propagation delay or generating additional ground bounce noise. These are ideal for bidirectional interfaces between busses, and in applications that require isolation and protection.

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FunctionPkg. CodeTemp. RangeBus Width (bits)Core Voltage (V)On Resistance (Ω)Speed Grade
74CBTLV16210 Datasheet74CBTLV16210 - Block Diagram74CBTLV16210
Low-Voltage 20-Bit Bus Switc...
Bus SwitchPAG48-40 to 85°C203.35Standard
74CBTLV16211 Datasheet74CBTLV16211 - Block Diagram74CBTLV16211
Low-Voltage 24-Bit Bus Switc...
Bus SwitchPAG56-40 to 85°C243.38Standard
74CBTLV16212 Datasheet74CBTLV16212 - Block Diagram74CBTLV16212
Low-Voltage 24-Bit Bus Excha...
Bus Exchange SwitchPAG56-40 to 85°C243.35Standard
74CBTLV16245 Datasheet74CBTLV16245 - Block Diagram74CBTLV16245
Low-Voltage 16-Bit Bus Switc...
Bus SwitchPAG48-40 to 85°C163.35Standard
74CBTLV16292 Datasheet74CBTLV16292 - Block Diagram74CBTLV16292
Low-Voltage 12-Bit 1:2 Mux /...
Mux/Demux Bus SwitchPAG56-40 to 85°C243.35Standard