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DDR3 Solutions

With a focus on low power, high performance and thorough validation through each new generation of memory technology, IDT has established its position as the unquestioned market leader in memory interface solutions. DDR3 memory offers significant advantages in power, bandwidth, capacity and reliability versus previous generations of memory technology. IDT offers both Register / PLL and temperature sensor products for the DDR3 memory module market.

Fully compliant to all JEDEC specifications, the IDT DDR3 Register / PLL is an essential building block for advanced memory subsystems in applications such as servers, workstations and communications equipment.

DDR3 RDIMMs and ECC UDIMMs all require use of a temperature sensor with an integrated SPD. IDT offers digital temperature sensors with accuracy up to ±0.5°C typical, that is designed for memory modules demanding the highest level of temperature readout.

  IDT Memory Interface Chipsets Product Brief

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FunctionSupply Voltage (V)SDRAM Type
DDR3 Register + PLL
Register + PLL1.5, 1.35DDR3-800 to 1600
IDT SSTE32882KA1 DatasheetSSTE32882KA1
DDR3 Register + PLL
Register + PLL1.5, 1.25, 1.35DDR3-800 to 2133
SSTE32882KB1 Data SheetSSTE32882KB1
LOW POWER DDR3 Register + PL...
Register + PLL (Low Power)1.5, 1.25, 1.35DDR3-800 to 2133
TS3000GB0A0 DATASHEETTS3000GB0A0 - Block Diagram 2TS3000GB0A0
Digital Temp Sensor
Digital Temp Sensor1.8
Dual even local temperature ...
Digital Temp Sensor3.3
TSE2002GB2A1 Data SheetTSE2002GB2A1
Temp Sensor with Integrated ...
Digital Temp Sensor + DDR3 SPD EEPROM2.5, 3.3