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FourPort RAMs

IDT Four-Port RAMs are cost-effective low-power multi-ports that provide maximum functionality while taking up minimum board space to address the needs of high-end multimedia handset applications.

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Core Voltage (V)Bus Width (bits)Density (Kb)Pkg. CodeInterfaceI/O TypeI/O Frequency (MHz)Temp. RangeArchitectureOrganizationFunctionOutput Type
1K x 8 FourPort RAM (Not Rec...
588GU108Async5.0 V TTL0 to 70°CFourPort1K x 8
7052 Data Sheet7052 - Block Diagram7052
2K x 8 FourPort RAM
5816GU108, PNG120Async5.0 V TTL-40 to 85°C, -55 to 125°C, 0 to 70°CFourPort2K x 8Busy
7054 Data Sheet7054 - Block Diagram7054
4K x 8 FourPort RAM
584PK128Async5.0 V TTL-40 to 85°C, 0 to 70°CFourPort4K x 8