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Step-down (Buck) Regulators

IDT’s energy-efficient, synchronous step-down regulators for non-isolated applications provide up to 95% efficiency. The step-down regulators feature integrated driver and power FETs, capable of leveraging a wide input voltage range and supporting up to 12A of output current.

About Step-down Switching Regulators

A step-down, or buck, switching regulator takes an input voltage and efficiently converts it into a regulated lower voltage. Devices typically come with fixed or adjustable output voltages. A good buck regulator will provide high-efficiency and excellent transient response under all load conditions. Buck regulators will often provide special features to ensure protection of the IC during fault conditions, such as under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, soft-start, currently limiting, and short-circuit protection.


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Outputs (#)Input Voltage Range (V)Output Voltage Range (V)Output Current Max (A)Operating FreqPkg. DimensionsTemp. Range
ZSPM4011B DatasheetZSPM4011B - Application CircuitZSPM4011B
High Efficiency 1A Synchrono...
14.5 - 240.9 - 5.5113 x 3 x 1-40 to 125°C
ZSPM4012B DatasheetZSPM4012B - Application CircuitZSPM4012B
High Efficiency 2A Synchrono...
14.5 - 240.9 - 5.5213 x 3 x 1-40 to 125°C
ZSPM4013B DatasheetZSPM4013B - Application CircuitZSPM4013B
High Efficiency 3A Synchrono...
14.5 - 180.9 - 5.5313 x 3 x 1-40 to 125°C