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Wireless Power Magnetic Resonance

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Wireless Power IC Transmitter and Receiver - A4WP Resonance Charging

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Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Solutions

IDT leverages its wireless power expertise to develop solutions for magnetic resonance-based applications (also known as a resonant transformer, resonant-inductive coupling, or resonance charging). Magnetic resonance solutions transfer power between two inductors that are tuned to the same natural resonant frequency. Resonance power technology allows power to be transferred wirelessly over a distance with flexibility in relative orientation and positioning.

Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) – Rezence™

IDT is a sponsor member of the A4WP, an independently operated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem using Rezence™ technology. The A4WP and its member companies are working cooperatively to create a wireless power transfer (WPT) ecosystem that leverages Rezence technology to deliver a superior consumer experience and a more flexible solution for industrial designers.

IDT’s products enable the development of magnetic resonance-based wireless charging solutions that can be embedded in almost any surface or mobile device. This includes retail environments, airports, automobiles, and home and office furniture. Rezence technology will also be integrated into other devices such as laptops and portable chargers, creating world’s first truly mobile wireless charging power sources.

About Resonance Power Technology
Resonance power technology is the near-field wireless transmission of electrical energy between two coils that are tuned to resonate at the same frequency. Based on the principles of electromagnetic coupling, resonance-based chargers inject an oscillating current into a highly-resonant coil to create an oscillating electromagnetic field. A second coil with the same resonant frequency receives power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electrical current that can be used to power and charge a portable device. Resonance charging offers unique advantages in spatial freedom, enabling the transmitter (resonance charger) to be separated from the receiver (portable device) by several inches or more.