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IDT Shipping and Container Labels

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Dear IDT Customer:
In the early summer of 2005, IDT publicly announced the company’s definitive agreement to merge with Integrated Circuit Systems (ICS) of Norristown, Pennsylvania, and on Friday, September 16, 2005, IDT announced the celebration of its initial day as a unified company with ICS
The final phases of the IDT/ICS merger is now complete. This includes the full integration of the business systems and processes. Therefore, regardless of the product, beginning on April 6, 2006, all products produced by IDT and ICS are now in our customer’s standardized documentation and labeling system.
IDT respects the ICS brand name and recognizes the invaluable customer affiliation. For that reason, we will continue producing and providing the ICS legacy products with the traditional ICS product marking; however, all products manufactured by IDT with ICS after April 6, 2006 will only contain IDT labeling and shipping documentation.
The new shipping documentation and container labeling will provide all of the information previously displayed on our shipping materials, including new additional information and the convenience of barcodes. To make the distinction easier, below are IDT and ICS shipping documents and labels that can be viewed side by side for easy comparison:
  • ICS and IDT Certificate of Compliance documents (C of C) 
  • ICS and IDT Certificate of Origin documents (C of O) 
  • ICS and IDT Customs invoices (ICS commercial invoice) 
  • ICS and IDT Packing lists
If you have any questions, please contact Tom Mumby, Senior Purchasing and Materials Manager at (408) 284-1433. 
IDT Purchasing and Materials Department