You expect professional and personal growth

IDT knows that talented employees excel in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to provide an environment where you can grow personally and professionally.

In the fast-paced, ever changing semiconductor market, the next great idea or product is right around the corner and at IDT you have the opportunity to create it.

We give you the tools, support and resources to develop your ideas and see those ideas turned into remarkable products. IDT also provides training classes and guidance to help you develop new skills while enhancing existing skills.

GPS, IDT’s Global Performance System, aids employees in navigating their career by providing line of site to the executive team priorities, enabling employees to set goals that have a true impact on the company. Through GPS, employees are evaluated against specific career objectives and critical competencies. GPS helps to increase collaboration, productivity and strategic alignment.

IDT's annual internal Technical Leadership Forum brings employees from around the world together for two days of sharing innovative solutions, networking and learning. The conference includes executive presentations, product demos, guest speakers and employee presentations.

Tech Talks at IDT are informal technical presentations delivered by IDT engineers to IDT engineers. They are held approximately once per month in front of a live audience at the IDT headquarters in San Jose. Their purpose is to help build an innovative engineering culture at IDT and foster the cross-pollination of ideas between divisions.

We have established a Leadership Talks program. It is an opportunity for a direct dialog with IDT senior leaders on topics related to people management and leadership, and it encourage dialog, alignment and provides a forum for sharing best practices.

IDT’s Technical Woman’s Forum is an opportunity for IDT’s technical women to engage and share their experiences with one another. IDT has a strong commitment to supporting technical women and to making IDT a great place for them to work.

IDT offers many other internal growth opportunities, as well as offering a tuition reimbursement program for those wishing to further education on their own.