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Integrated Device Technology offers a broad portfolio of essential semiconductor solutions that connect digital systems such as processors and memories to the analog world of sight, sound and touch. Our solutions allow digital media to be synchronized, transported, processed and delivered in current and next-generation communications, computing and consumer applications.

We offer internships and careers for college students, recent graduates and MBA students who want to learn, grow and develop through work that is meaningful and innovative.

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IDT Electronics Parts for Academic Programs

IDT has a selection of devices that we are willing to donate to Engineering programs, along with support, data sheets, some modeling, and applications notes to promote the understanding and use of FIFO and Multiport SRAM based memories. We have a variety of world class asynchronous and synchronous memories we can offer for free, to programs that will educate students and use our devices for teaching, laboratory, and project work.

If you are associated with a University that might want to participate in this program feel free to contact us using the link below.

If you have further questions about the program or if you have technical issues with IDT memories after reviewing the information posted on IDT.com, please click: EPAP Questions

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