California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. provides this disclosure pursuant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657). This Act requires certain companies to publicly disclose on their websites information regarding efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains for tangible goods offered for sale. The disclosure must cover the following: Verification of Product Supply Chains; Audits of Suppliers; Certification of Suppliers; Internal Accountability; and Training.

Supplier Verification and Audit

IDT supports the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition(EICC) and has adopted the EICC Code of Conduct, which prohibits the use of forced, bonded, indentured labor, or involuntary prison labor. IDT expects its suppliers to comply with these standards regardless of location or customs. Certain suppliers must complete self-assessment questionnaires in order for IDT to evaluate the supplier’s risk on several levels. The assessment provides the necessary information for IDT to determine if further investigation is warranted. The verifications are not conducted by a third party. IDT reserves the right to conduct internal and on-site supplier audits to evaluate supplier compliance with IDT standards for trafficking and slavery in supply chains. IDT has not engaged in independent, unannounced audits.

Supplier Certification

IDT has master purchasing agreements or purchase order terms and conditions in place with its suppliers, requiring them to comply with international standards and applicable laws and regulations. In addition IDT expects its suppliers to adopt and abide by the EICC Code, which prohibits forced labor and child labor.

Internal Accountability & Training

IDT requires all IDT employees to comply with its Code of Business Ethics, and employees undergo training and certify compliance with the Code of Business Ethics every other year. IDT actively engages in job-specific training for employees who are responsible for supply chain management on how to identify and respond to supply chain issues in accordance with IDT standards and policies, which are aligned with the EICC Code.

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