News Releases

(Jan 10, 2018)

The IDT® Sensor Module provides critical real-time humidity, temperature and flow data displayed wirelessly on Smartphones and other mobile devices.

(Dec 18, 2017)

Integration of IDT’s IEEE 1588 software and timing components and Cavium’s SoC families provides precise synchronization for a growing range of applications.

(Dec 14, 2017)

New transmitter supports Qi® Extended Power Profile and is compatible with the recent Apple® iOS 11.2 upgrade which allows users to enjoy the benefits of wireless fast charging

(Dec 14, 2017)

IDT's Timing Solutions Offer up to 20fs Lower Phase Jitter than Competitive Devices, Providing Extra Design Margin to Help Meet Stringent System Requirements and Reduce BER

(Nov 29, 2017)

IDT continues tradition of innovation with latest addition to company’s expanding portfolio of high-performance timing solutions.

(Nov 28, 2017)

Customers are able to design with more than 20 IDT RF products utilizing X-Microwave’s patented building block system and simulation tools.

(Nov 20, 2017)

IDT's Relative Humidity Sensors provide industry-leading accuracy and response times, improving system performance and minimizing power requirements.

(Nov 16, 2017)

IDT's innovative sensing materials provide superior sensitivity, stability and selectivity; making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

(Nov 6, 2017)

With more than 8W of Power, LG’s Latest V30 Delivers the Fastest Wireless Charging Experience in a Smartphone

(Nov 1, 2017)

15W wireless power rapid development kit enables authentication for proprietary industrial and medical solutions

(Oct 30, 2017)

Q2 FY18 Revenue of $204.4 M,
Q2 FY18 GAAP Diluted EPS of $0.14,
Q2 FY18 Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $0.35

(Oct 25, 2017)

Fully-Programmable MicroClock™ Clock Generators Provide Flexibility and Ease Design Constraints in Compact, Battery-powered Applications

(Oct 25, 2017)

Newest UWB motion sensor provides accurate reporting of movement with low power requirements

(Oct 9, 2017)

Promoting the importance of STEM education in our communities.

(Sep 19, 2017)

Industry Leading Core-chip Technology Expands IDT’s RF Solutions in 5G Wireless Infrastructure