Ron explains the benefits of using MRAM devices for hearing aid applications.

By Ron Jew, Senior Director, Product Management -- 2020-06


By 林志恩, 汽车电子应用技术部 部长 -- 2020-06

Baltazar highlights precise temperature controller solutions for industrial applications.

By Baltazar Mercado, Senior Product Marketing Manager -- 2020-06

Ruggero walks you through design considerations for inductive sensing technologies and introduces an efficient solution for motor commutation applications.

By Ruggero Leoncavallo, Staff Product Marketing Manager -- 2020-06

Masaki Hama, with more than 10 years of microcontroller experience walks you through on how to reduce development hurdle and easily develop connected edge devices using a readily available Cloud and Bluetooth® 5 wireless connectivity solutions.

By Masaki Hama, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-06

Find out the features of the Fast Prototyping Board that enables writing and debugging of programs without additional tools.

By Kentarou Araki, Engineer -- 2020-06

Debra discusses how AI can be used to help improve health and wellness, including air quality applications.

By Debra Deininger, Director of Industrial Sensing -- 2020-06

Sakae Ito, a veteran in the semiconductor industry, looks back on how Renesas RX family is launched and evolved over the last 10 years to grow it to a key pillar of Renesas business today.

By Sakae Ito, Vice President IoT Platform Business Division -- 2020-05

瑞萨MCU和Microsoft Azure IoT构建模块携手提供安全的芯片到云端解决方案,加快产品上市。

By Roger Wendelken , Senior Vice President -- 2020-05

Dan walks you through solutions for systems that notify users when there has been a loss in power.

By Daniel Goodhew, Senior Applications Engineer -- 2020-05