Product Availability Results

The FS1012 is available from the sources listed below.

Results by Part Number

Part Number Stock Distributor Action
FS1012-1020-NG Submit Request Contact IDT
FS1012-1020-NG 10 Avnet Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 0 Avnet Europe Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 16 Digi-Key Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 14 Farnell Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 10 Future Electronics Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 18 Mouser Buy
FS1012-1020-NG 3 Newark Buy
FS1012-1100-NG Submit Request Contact IDT
FS1012-1100-NG 10 Avnet Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 0 Avnet Europe Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 194 Digi-Key Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 17 Farnell Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 2 Future Electronics Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 102 Mouser Buy
FS1012-1100-NG 15 Newark Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ Submit Request Contact IDT
FS1012-1002-LQ 10 Avnet Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 0 Avnet Europe Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 40 Digi-Key Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 13 Farnell Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 6 Future Electronics Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 36 Mouser Buy
FS1012-1002-LQ 6 Newark Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ Submit Request Contact IDT
FS1012-1001-LQ 9 Avnet Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 13 Avnet Europe Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 100 Digi-Key Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 25 Farnell Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 7 Future Electronics Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 36 Mouser Buy
FS1012-1001-LQ 20 Newark Buy
FS1012-1002-C01-LQ Submit Request Contact IDT
FS1012-1002-C01-LQ 0 Mouser Buy
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