IDT has introduced the industry's first dual-mode wireless power receiver compatible with both the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) 1.1 "Qi" standard, as well as the Power Matter's Alliance (PMA) 1.1 standard. The innovative solution enables OEMs to use a single wireless power receiver IC to develop mobile devices fully compatible with the latest versions of both Qi and PMA charging bases. This video offers a lab demonstration and product overview.
The P9023 is a WPC 1.1- and PMA 1.1-compliant single-chip wireless power receiver consisting of a synchronous full-bridge rectifier, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter, and embedded microcontroller used to optimize power delivery to the mobile device's load, while minimizing application footprint, component count, and thermal dissipation.  The new wireless power receiver supports all WPC and PMA receiver coils, as well as proprietary and PCB-based coils for maximum versatility in a wide range of applications, including smartphones, tablets, phablets, sleeves and other accessories.
Presented by Brett Etter, business development manager at IDT. For more information about IDT's award-winning wireless power portfolio, visit http://www.wirelesspowerbyidt.com.



Hello.  My name is Brett Etter and I 'm the Business Development Manager for Wireless Power here at IDT.  Today we've got a real treat for you.  We've got a demo of our brand new wireless power receiver that does dual mode both Qi and PMA compatible license.  First we'll start with a quick overview of the product and then get right into the demo.
So a little about our dual mode wireless power receiver, the IDTP9023.  It is a fully integrated single chip receiver solution that is type one PMA compliant as well as WPC 1.1 complaint.  It does manage the 5 watts of power in both modes, and in proprietary mode, it will go up to 8 watts.  It manages the dual mode switching between WPC and PMA automatically without any user intervention or supervision.  It includes an integrated synchronous full-bridge rectifier on the front end, as well as a synchronous buck output regulator on the output side.  Full I²C interface and comes in a WLCSP package.  It does include a full set of protections as well as all of the compliant WPC 1.1 and PMA foreign object detection mechanisms.  The safety features of the device include a full set of protection mechanisms, over current, over voltage, over temperature as well as a full suite of foreign object detection capabilities.  
This is the schematic for the entire solution of the 9023 including the optional external B2 prom for development which is not required for production as well as both the input and output USB connectors.  It only takes approximately 30 external components on top of the integrated single IC.  
Here we have the demonstration.  We have a Qi compatible transmitter pad.  We have the PMA compatible transmitter pad.  And we have the iPhone 5 connected via USB cable over to our dual mode wireless power receiver.  Place the receiver on the Qi pad, and you can see that it starts to charge.  Place the same receiver on the PMA pad, and we see it starts to charge.  There we have a demonstration of the full capabilities of our dual mode Qi and PMA receiver. 
To find out more about these dual mode receivers, as well as the entire family of transmitters and receivers from IDT, you can check out wirelesspowerbyIDT.com.