An overview of IDT's ZMOD4410 gas sensor platform, which provides best-in-class stability and sensitivity and is designed to identify trace gases in various locations within indoor environments. 

These air quality sensors feature a miniature package, integrated ASIC, and MEMS sensing element that is comprised of a controlled heater and proven metal oxide (MOx) material. Constant temperature operation or a very precisely regulated variation of the heater temperature allows the detection of a wide range of indoor air contaminants by accurately measuring the sensor conductivity and resistance.

This flexibility makes the sensors in the ZMOD4410 platform capable of providing a variety of measurement options by varying the method of operation or changing the firmware used to interpret the resistance measurements. Downloadable libraries and source code provided by IDT make upgrades straightforward to implement. All sensors are electrically and chemically (gas) tested with calibration data stored in the built-in nonvolatile memory (NVM).

The ZMOD4410 platform focuses on detection, control and rating of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The indoor air quality rating is based on TVOC concentrations defined by the German Federal Environmental Agency as the main source for unpleasant air in an indoor environment (UBA study). By detecting TVOC and rating the IAQ, the ZMOD4410 helps systems address clean air in the ambient environment. Additional downloadable algorithms are available to estimate levels of CO2 and control ventilation systems.

To learn more about IDT's gas sensor portfolio, visit www.idt.com/gas.