System design is driving the latest features in Automotive BMS ICs, but they’re all for naught without sufficient cell voltage accuracy.

By Tom Harvey, Principal Automotive Applications Engineer -- 2020-10


By Takeo Mimura, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-10

Leisha explains the Renesas small industrial robot solution, focused on resolver motor control and ideal for harsh environments.

By Leisha Li, Principal Specialist -- 2020-10


By Hisayo Yamagata, Principal Specialist -- 2020-10


By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-10

Stefan Ingenhaag explains the benefits of the Secure Element functionality in the new RA6M4 MCU group through the enhanced integrated Secure Crypto Engine and newly implemented Arm® TrustZone® technology.

By Stefan Ingenhaag, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-10
By John Demiray, IoT Power Marketing Manager -- 2020-10

Stefan Ingenhaag introduces the new RA6M4 group of 200 MHz, 32-bit MCUs with a state-of-the-art Arm® Cortex®-M33 Core and explains how they help achieve smaller, better and faster IoT products.

By Stefan Ingenhaag, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-10


By Makiko Seki, Senior Specialist, Segment Marketing -- 2020-09

Charn highlights the challenges of incorporating USB-C charging beyond 20V into a design and explores a compact, robust and cost-effective solution.

By Charn Sthapornwattanakul, Assistant Field Application Engineering Manager -- 2020-09