The ZLED7015KIT-E1 Evaluation Kit provides a quick and easy method for evaluating IDT's ZLED7015 1.0MHz Boost Converter IC w/ Internal 35V Switch within its basic LED control application circuit and demonstrates basic layout guidelines, which are critical with any switching regulator to minimize radiated EMI. The kit includes the ZLED7015-E1 Evaluation Board, which contains a standard 4-pin terminal connector to allow the user to easily connect and supply an LED board. The Evaluation Board also has two LED power pads (LED+ and LED-) to provide more flexibility in supplying a power LED or LED string. A 10


  • ZLED7015-E1 Evaluation Board
  • ZLED-PCB10
  • 5 samples of ZLED7015


下单器件 ID Part Status 封装 Buy Sample
ZLED7015KITE1V3P0 Obsolete Package Info


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