The QS4A110 is a high-performance CMOS two-channel 5PST switch with 3-state outputs. The QS4A110, with 1.8GHz bandwidth, is ideal for high-performance video signal switching, audio signal switching, and telecomm routing applications. Low power dissipation makes this device ideal for battery operated and remote instrumentation applications. The QS4A110 operates at -40C to +85C.


  • Low ON resistance: rDS(ON) = 5 ohm
  • Wide bandwidth: 1.8GHz (-3dB point)
  • Crosstalk: -100dB at 50KHz, -70dB at 5MHz, -50dB at 30MHz
  • Off-isolation: -70dB at 50KHz, -45dB at 5MHz, -40dB at 30MHz
  • Single 5V supply
  • Bidirectional
  • TTL-compatible control inputs
  • Ultra-low quiescent current: 3 uA
  • Switch turn on time of 6.5ns
  • Available in 24 pin QSOP package


下单器件 ID Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 封装 Buy Sample
QS4A110QG Active QSOP 24 C 是的 Tube Package Info
QS4A110QG8 Active QSOP 24 C 是的 Reel Package Info


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QS4A110 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 318 KB
应用指南 &白皮书
AN-11: 5V and 3V Conversion with Zero Delay Application Note PDF 417 KB
Quickswitch Basics Application Note PDF 142 KB
AN-18: Switching Analog Signals Application Note PDF 70 KB
AN-19: Space Reduction Via Placement Application Note PDF 41 KB
AN-09: CMOS Bus Switches Provide 0 Delay Application Note PDF 121 KB
AN-20: Board Assembly for 0.4mm Pin Surface Mounts Application Note PDF 62 KB
AN-17: Peripheral Isolation in Notebook Computers Application Note PDF 68 KB
AN-13: Converting TTL to Hot Plug Application Note PDF 85 KB
TN-07: Analysis of QuickSwitch Behavior Application Note PDF 102 KB
PCN# : A1808-01 Transfer Assembly Location from Amkor Philippines for select pacakges Product Change Notice PDF 39 KB
PCN#: A-0410-02, Change IDT marking logo with new IDT gridless w Product Change Notice PDF 24 KB
PCN# A-0508-02: OSET Alternate Assembly Location for Green Product Change Notice PDF 18 KB
PCN#A-0504-02R1: Assembly Transfer IDT-Manila to OSE-Ph Product Change Notice PDF 16 KB
PCN#: TB-0504-01, Transfer Test & Backend from IDT-Manila to IDT Product Change Notice PDF 35 KB
PCN#:A-0312-02, new die attach material - 8290 Product Change Notice PDF 116 KB
PCN Addendum # L0203-10R1 Fab 2 to Fab 4 Transfer Product Change Notice PDF 110 KB
PCN# L0203-10 Fab Transfer from Fab 2 to Fab 4 Product Change Notice PDF 27 KB
PCN# G0106-01, Moisture Sensitive Label Change Product Change Notice PDF 274 KB
PCN# L0008-06: Data Sheet Change Product Change Notice PDF 10 KB
PCN# G0005-01, Laser Top Mark Product Change Notice PDF 24 KB
QS4A110 IBIS Model Model - IBIS ZIP 3 KB
QS4A110 Hspice Model Model - HSPICE ZIP 5 KB