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The MPC9229 is a 3.3 V compatible, PLL based clock synthesizer targeted for high performance clock generation in mid-range to high-performance telecom, networking and computing applications. With output frequencies from 25 MHz to 400 MHz and the support of differential PECL output signals the device meets the needs of the most demanding clock applications. Features


  • 25 MHz to 400 MHz synthesized clock output signal
  • Differential PECL Output
  • LVCMOS Compatible Control Inputs
  • 3.3-V Power Supply
  • On-chip crystal oscillator for reference frequency generation
  • Minimal Frequency Overshoot
  • Serial 3-Wire Programming Interface
  • Parallel Programming Interface for Power-Up
  • Fully integrated PLL
  • 32-Lead LQFP and 28-Lead PLCC Packaging
  • 32-Lead and 28-Lead Pb-Free Package Available
  • SiGe Technology
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C
  • Pin and Function Compatible to the MC12429

Product Options

Orderable Part ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
MPC9229AC Obsolete PRG32 TQFP 32 C Yes Tray
MPC9229ACR2 Obsolete PRG32 TQFP 32 C Yes Reel
MPC9229EI Obsolete PLG28 PLCC 28 C Yes Tube
MPC9229EIR2 Obsolete PLG28 PLCC 28 C Yes Reel

Technical Documentation

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Datasheets & Errata
MPC9229 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 331 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN-828 Termination - LVPECL Application Note PDF 229 KB
AN-831 The Crystal Load curve Application Note PDF 308 KB
AN-842 Thermal Considerations in Package Design and Selection Application Note PDF 403 KB
AN-803 Crystal Timing Budget and Accuracy for IDT Timing Clock Products Application Note PDF 44 KB
AN-840 Jitter Specifications for Timing Signals Application Note PDF 349 KB
AN-839 RMS Phase Jitter Application Note PDF 149 KB
AN-838 Peak-to-Peak Jitter Calculations Application Note PDF 32 KB
AN-834 Hot-Swap Recommendations Application Note PDF 67 KB
AN-837 Overdriving the Crystal Interface Application Note PDF 50 KB
AN-832 Timing Budget and Accuracy Application Note PDF 48 KB
AN-830 Quartz Crystal Drive Level Application Note PDF 59 KB
AN-827 Application Relevance of Clock Jitter Application Note PDF 1.06 MB
AN-815 Understanding Jitter Units Application Note PDF 476 KB
AN-802 Crystal-Measuring Oscillator Negative Resistance Application Note PDF 52 KB
AN-805 Recommended Ferrite Beads Application Note PDF 38 KB
AN-801 Crystal-High Drive Level Application Note PDF 109 KB
AN-806 Power Supply Noise Rejection Application Note PDF 353 KB
PCN# : A1401-02 Alternate Copper Wire Assembly Site Product Change Notice PDF 36 KB
PDN# : N-12-24R2 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 91 KB
PCN# : TB1303-01 Change of Carrier Tape for TQFP-32, TQFP-48 Product Change Notice PDF 472 KB
PDN# : N-12-24R1 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 69 KB
PCN# N0611-01 Datasheet Change Product Change Notice PDF 17 KB
PCN# : A-0610-02 ASAT China as Alternate Facility for CABGA/CVBGA/FPBGA/TQFP/PQFP Product Change Notice PDF 252 KB

Software & Tools

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
mpc9229 Model - IBIS ZIP 14 KB