The R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module is a ready-to-use, certified* hardware and software solution based on Renesas technology and quality standards. Find out how it helps the development of Industrial Ethernet applications. 

* The HW certification includes CE, RoHS and UL.

By Lars Mickan, Business Development Manager -- 2020-08

Rudi highlights how monitoring vital signs could hint at COVID-19 exposure and solutions for measuring this data.

By Rudi Hechfellner, Director of Sensing and Platforms -- 2020-08


By Kazuo Kajimoto, Senior Distinguished Engineer -- 2020-08


By Masato Muragishi, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-07


By Yoshihiko Awazu, Engineer -- 2020-07

Baltazar walks you through smart cane features and solutions for these applications. Baltazar walks you through smart cane features and solutions for these applications.

By Baltazar Mercado, Senior Product Marketing Manager -- 2020-07

The second Renesas Cup Advanced Information Technology Invitational Contest (AITIC) began in June 2020. It is sponsored by Renesas Electronics, hosted by the China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and organized by the contest committee.

By Mathew Wang, Senior Manager, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit -- 2020-07


By Hisao Munakata, Senior Director -- 2020-07

パワーデバイスの破壊に困っていませんか?サーマルFETを使用すれば悩み解決 解決策をここだけでご紹介します。

By Kazuaki Osawa, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-07


By YU ZHOU, Staff Engineer -- 2020-07