The VersaClock 6 - 5P49V69xx programmer board is made to ease the programming of blank 5P49V69xx parts. With the on-board USB interface, IDT Timing Commander™ GUI can be used to communicate with the blank device in the socket for configuration and programming. Comaptible with 5P49V6901, 5P49V6913, 5P49V6914.


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EVKVC6-6901PROG Active Package Info

Documentation & Downloads

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VersaClock 5 Programmer Board User Guide Manual PDF 549 KB
VersaClock 6 - 5P49V69xx Family Programmer Board User Guide Manual - User Reference PDF 378 KB
VersaClock 6 Timing Commander User Guide Manual - Software PDF 1.93 MB
VersaClock 6 Timing Commander Personality File v1.2.0 Software ZIP 5.41 MB
Timing Solutions Products Overview Overview PDF 4.11 MB
VersaClock 6 Programmer Board Schematic Schematic PDF 30 KB
VersaClock® 6 Programmable Clock Family Product Brief (日本語) English, 简体中文 Product Brief PDF 891 KB