The 89HP0504UB Repeater USB3 Evaluation Board is designed to enable quick in-system testing of IDT’s 4-channel, 5Gbps USB3 Repeater IC product.
This board provides a 2-lane connection from USB3 host through the Repeater to an HDD, memory stick or other USB3 device.  One of the lanes includes an 18-inch trace segment to emulate PCB connectivity.  This Evaluation Board is powered from the USB host connector.  It is connected using two USB3 cables to a host controller and storage device.
The 89HP0504UB Repeater uses pin-strap configuration, and this Evaluation Board implements a three-position DIP switch for simple setting of receiver equalization and transmitter swing and emphasis.  Each of the 4-channels is independently configured via the switches.


  • Contains one 89HP0504UBZBNRG USB3 Repeater that compensates for PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter
  • 2-lane USB3 interface card
  • Short and long 18-inch trace path options
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches
  • Independent upstream and down-stream Repeater configuration and optimization
  • Multiple power connection options
  • Card format: 2.375” x 4.5”


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89EBP0504UB USB3.0 Eval Board Manual マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 591 KB
89EBP0504UB USB3.0 Eval Board Schematics その他 PDF 190 KB
89EBP0504UB Eval Board Schematics - Fab # 18-701-000 (optimized for printing) 回路図 PDF 480 KB
89EBP0504UB Eval Board Schematics - Fab # 18-701-000 (layered for online viewing) 回路図 PDF 1.16 MB