Shinya Ishida, Senior Staff Engineer
Shinya Ishida
Senior Staff Engineer

Hello everyone. My name is Ishida from Renesas Electronics. I have been involved in power devices products and providing technical support for our customers for nearly 10 years now. I know it’s sudden, but do you know Renesas power devices? In addition to microcomputers, analog products, and power management ICs (PMICs), Renesas also offers power discrete products which can be operated high voltages and high currents such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, Triacs, and Thyristors. Each of our power discrete products have excellent performance and features. However, it seems that many customers did not know that Renesas also had power devices, even though there are many products that have attractive features, it is a waste!

So, I will introduce the lineup and features of power discrete products in several times through this blog. This time, I will introduce about IGBTs products that I am in charge of.

By the way, Renesas IGBTs are for automotive and industrial applications. We have a lineup of products mainly for EV inverters for automotive applications and energy management equipment for industrial applications that require high efficiency. I am going to introduce our IGBTs for industrial applications on this post.

For product information on IGBT, click here.

A power device plays a role in power conversion. Among the power devices, especially IGBT plays an important role in high-power applications. Its performance is directly linked to energy saving, which is a major issue in our society. Renesas has expanded its IGBTs lineup with the addition of the 8th generation (G8H), which has evolved further from 7th generation (G7H) that is our current main product. In the G8H series, the latest technologies of "thin wafer" and "miniaturization" improved the trade-off between conduction loss and switching loss, realizing unprecedented ultra-low loss. Without being satisfied, we are also developing a new process, G9H, which enables further loss reduction.


Learn more about G8H IGBTs at here.

Here are the applications Renesas is particularly focusing on.

Renesas IGBT Focused Applications

We aim to contribute to the energy management field, such as renewable energy (wind power generation and solar power generation), power grid, power storage and charging equipment (UPS and EV chargers) that are expected to generate significant demand in the future in order to realize an ecological society.

The product line-up is here.

Wafer and Package Product Forms

There are two types of product forms, wafer and package. For the blocking voltage, there are line-up starting from 600V to 1250 V. In addition, we are also developing 1800V for wafer products targeting higher-power wind-power generation and power grids (production is scheduled to begin soon). We have products that can be optimally selected according to the customer’s development.

For a detailed product line-up, click here.

Besides that, let’s take a look our web page for our efficiency evaluation results on evaluation boards, which is simulated as the circuit of each application, in order to let you know that our devices also have good performance in application circuit. For example, the figure below displays part of the evaluation results in the inverter circuit. You can see the good performance of Renesas IGBT with circuit efficiency, power loss as a product, and operating waveform.

Efficiency Evaluation Results

Renesas’ IGBTs provide performance that satisfies customers with low-loss and high efficiency at the highest level in the industry! Please consider it!

In the future, our power discrete products team will introduce product lineup such as MOSFETs, triacs, thyristors, and thermal FETs as an introduction series of Renesas Power Devices.

Please look forward to it.

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