Renesas' relative humidity sensors offer high accuracy and fast measurement response times, enabling customers to improve overall system performance and feedback control. The humidity sensor ICs feature excellent long-term stability as a result of a robust silicon carbide construction and an innovative design, improving useful lifetime and lowering effective cost.

The humidity and temperature sensors include integrated calibration and temperature compensation logic, providing fully corrected RH and T values via a standard I2C output. Renesas' humidity sensor chips are ideal for a wide range of applications, including measurement of water vapor content in medical oxygen, measurement of humidity in appliances such as refrigerators, monitoring the humidity of air in industrial processes, climate control systems (HVAC), weather stations, portable personal health devices, and anything requiring a humidity detector function.

Download: Relative Humidity Sensor Family Overview (PDF | English, 简体中文)
Download: Sensing Technologies and Sensor Solutions Overview (PDF | English, 简体中文)

About Humidity Sensor ICs (RH Sensors)

At humidity sensor IC (also known as an RH sensor or humidity detector) is a device used to measure relative humidity (RH) within a system, and digitally report that information back to the system. Several factors influence the quality of a humidity sensor, including accuracy, response time, resolution and year-over-year drift. Renesas' humidity sensors feature industry-leading specifications, helping to solve product design challenges and giving customers a competitive advantage.

Featured Humidity Sensor Products

Part Number Description Datasheet Order
HS3001 High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
SDAH01 Relative Humidity Sensor Evaluation Kit pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
SDAH02 Portable Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensing System pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
SDAWIR Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity, and Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png