The Tsi340-RDK1 is the evaluation board for the Tsi340 PCI to PCI Bridge, which provides bridging between two PCI buses operating up to 66 MHz in 32-bit mode. 


  • The Tsi340-RDK1 evaluation board has the necessary functionality to evaluate all the features of the Tsi340.
  • The primary PCI side of the Tsi340 is wired to a PCI finger connector.
  • The secondary PCI side is wired to four, 32-bit, 3.3 V PCI connectors.
  • Many features can by exercised with shunt jumpers and switches.


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TSI340-RDK1 Active BD0 Package Info


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Tsi340 Evaluation Board User Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 193 KB
Tsi340 Evaluation Board Schematics Schematic PDF 130 KB