The SMOD electronic module creates an easy way to evaluate the SGAS sensor. An MCU-based electronic module encompasses all measurement and control aspects of SGAS sensors. The factory configured SMOD functions with a specific SGAS sensor type. The SMOD board connects to a Windows PC via a bi-directional USB connection; supplied with an application facilitating SMOD operation. The sensor response is both native resistance units and linearized concentration units.  Sensor operating parameters are customizable.


  • 8.9cm² total PCB area
  • Can be operated by USB power only
  • Embedded microcontroller/EEPROM combination enables "no setup required" operation
  • Supports all advanced modes of sensor operation (feedback heater control, temperature and sensor measurement sequencing
  • Simple ASCII-based communication protocol allows easy integration with external controllers
  • Full-speed USB interface standard; optional I²C and UART interfaces are available


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SMOD707KITV1 Last Time Buy Package Info


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SMOD707 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 542 KB
SMOD7xx Evaluation Kit User Manual Manual PDF 656 KB
PDN# : AI-19-03 Product Discontinuation Notice Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 105 KB
SMOD Firmware 0.4.4 Software ZIP 100 KB
SMOD Application Software 1.3.0 Software ZIP 248.46 MB