Title Information
Package Description TSSOP 4.4 MM WITH EXPOSED PAD
Package Status Active
Package Type TSSOP
Package Code EJG24
Category G
Lead Count 24
Pb (Lead) Free Yes
Length 7.8mm
Pb Free Category e3 Sn
Width 4.4mm
Thickness 1mm
Peak Reflow Temp 260.00°C
Pitch 0.65mm
Package Carrier Reel, Tube
Pkg. Dimensions (mm) 7.8 x 4.4 x 1.0


Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Recommended Reflow Profile Product/Marketing PDF 135 KB
Quadrant 1 Loading Orientation in Reel form Carrier / Package Type PDF 114 KB
13" PLASTIC REEL WITH 4" HUB Carrier / Package Type PDF 53 KB
COVER TAPE Carrier / Package Type PDF 28 KB
EN/ENG 16, EJ/EJG 20/24, PF/PFG, PG/PGG 14/16/20/24/28 SHIPPING TUBE Carrier / Package Type PDF 26 KB
EJ/EJG 24 & PG/PGG 24 CARRIER TAPE Carrier / Package Type PDF 31 KB
EJ/EJG PACKAGE OUTLINE 4.40 mm BODY. 0.65 mm PITCH (ePAD) TSSOP Package Outline Drawing PDF 111 KB
Green Products RoHS Material Declaration Certificate Certificates / Reports PDF 95 KB
EJG24 IPC-1752-2 v1.01 Class 6 (MCD) Materials Composition Declaration PDF 1 KB
EJG24 IPC 1752-1 v1.01 Class 4 (MCD) Materials Composition Declaration PDF 1 KB