IDT leverages its experience in timing as well as in automotive to create next-generation clock devices. IDT’s VersaClock® automotive clock generators are PLL-based products that generate one or more clock signals for applications such as infotainment, dashboard, driver assist, ADAS and more. 

Fractional output divider technology allows generating any set of output frequencies unrelated to each other. Clocks can be either single-ended or differential, with sufficient performance for PCI-Express Gen3 or USB 3.0. Built-in one-time programmable (OTP) ROM enables the use of one device with different configurations over many platforms. A typical use case where VersaClock devices excel is in the generation of dot clocks to drive LCD panels for infotainment or dashboard applications, replacing crystal oscillators. Thanks to the highly configurable nature of VersaClock clock generators, a single PCB and BOM can be used regardless of the required dot clock frequency and alleviates the need to qualify different platforms when frequency needs change.

Featured Automotive Timing Devices

Part Number Description Auto. Grade Datasheet Order
5P49V60 Automotive VersaClock® 6E programmable clock generator AEC-Q100 Grade 2 pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
5P49V60-EVK 5P49V60 evaluation kit -- pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
XA family Wide frequency range crystal oscillator portfolio HCMOS 3.3V 50ppm AEC-Q200 Grade 2 / 3 options pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png