VersaClock® 3S Low-power Programmable Clock Generators

VersaClock 3S low-power programmable clock generator series provides innovative power-saving features from a single-rail 1.8V power supply while eliminating the need for multiple discrete timing components as well as reducing board footprint. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2mA – 10mA – 15mA low power three-PLL design for easy power and performance tradeoff
  • PCIe Gen 1/2/3 standard compliance
  • <2 µA 32.768 kHz RTC clock
  • I2C interface
  • Configurable OE pin function as OE, PD#, PPS or DFC control function
  • Development kits comes with plug-in board structure on all product options, faster time-to-market with 25 samples included.
  • User defined web form access for factory programming and easy production customization

Additional Features and Benefits

  • One-time programmable memory for user customization
  • Typical 1 ps RMS phase jitter
  • Proactive Power Saving(PPS) saves power during the end device power down mode
  • Performance Power Balancing(PPB) feature allows minimum power consumption base on required performance
  • Dynamic Frequency Control(DFC) allows up to 4 difference frequencies switching dynamically
  • Spread spectrum clock support to lower system EMI
  • Timing Commander Support