Evaluation Board SDK for the 89H48H12G3

The 89KTPES48H12G3 Evaluation Board provides an evaluation platform for the 89H48H12G3 switch. The 89KTPES48H12G3 is a vehicle to test and evaluate the functionality of the 89H48H12G3 switch. Customers can use this board to get a headstart on software development prior to the arrival of their own hardware.


  • Hardware
    • PES48H12G3 PCIe Gen3 switch
    • Upstream, Downstream Port
    • Numerous user selectable configurations set using onboard jumpers and DIP-switches
    • SMBUS Slave Interface (4 pin header)
    • SMBUS Master Interface connected to the Serial EEPROMs through I/O expander
    • “Attention” button for each downstream port to initiate a hot swap event on each port
    • Four pin connector for optional external power supply
    • Push button for Warm Reset
    • Several LEDs to display status, reset, power, “Attention”, etc.
    • One 10-pin JTAG connector (pitch 2.54 mm x 2.54 mm)
  • Software
    • Installation programs
    • GUI based application for Windows and Linux

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89KTPES48H12G3 Active Availability

Technical Documentation

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User Guides & Manuals
EB48H12G3 Evaluation Board User Manual (Fab: 18-708-000) Manual - Eval Board PDF 3.54 MB Jul 25, 2011

Software & Tools

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PCI Express Gen3 Browser Rev 1.52 Windows Software Tool ZIP 42.98 MB Apr 1, 2013