The 72V845 is a 4K x 18 dual sync FIFO with clocked read and write controls that is functionally equivalent to two 72V245 FIFO's in a single package with all associated control, data, and flag lines assigned to independent pins. This FIFO is useful for optical disk controllers, Local Area Networks (LANs), and interprocessor communication. Each of the two FIFOs has an 18-bit input and output port. The Read Clock can be tied to the Write Clock for single clock operation or the two clocks can run asynchronous of one another for dual-clock operation.


  • Optimal combination capacity , speed and design flexibility in a small footprint
  • 10 ns read/write cycle time
  • 5V input tolerant
  • IDT Standard or First Word Fall Through timing
  • Single or double register-buffered Empty and Full Flags
  • Easily expandable in depth and width
  • Asynchronous or coincident Read and Write Clocks
  • Asynchronous or synchronous programmable Almost-Empty and Almost-Full flags with default settings
  • Half-Full flag capability
  • Output enable puts output data bus in high-impedance state
  • Available in 128-pin TQFP
  • Industrial temperature range (–40C to +85C) is available

Product Options

Orderable Part ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
72V845L10PFG Active PKG128 TQFP 128 C Yes Tray
72V845L10PFG8 Active PKG128 TQFP 128 C Yes Reel
72V845L15PFGI Active PKG128 TQFP 128 I Yes Tray
72V845L15PFGI8 Active PKG128 TQFP 128 I Yes Reel

Technical Documentation

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Datasheets & Errata
72V805-72V845 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 201 KB Mar 19, 2018
User Guides & Manuals
Cypress Discontinued Dual-port and FIFO to IDT Cross Reference Guide Guide PDF 38 KB Feb 13, 2018
PDN# : SP-17-02 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE FOR SPO DEVICES Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 645 KB Sep 14, 2017
PCN# : A1606-02 Add Greatek Taiwan as Alternate Assembly Product Change Notice PDF 567 KB Aug 25, 2016
PCN#: A-0410-02, Change IDT marking logo with new IDT gridless w Product Change Notice PDF 24 KB Nov 13, 2012
A-0603-04 Transfer TQFP and PQFP from ASAT HK to ASAT China Product Change Notice PDF 164 KB May 9, 2006
PCN A-0506-03; Packing Material Change Product Change Notice PDF 290 KB Jul 18, 2005
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PCN# G9911-05, To qualify low alpha mold compound. Product Change Notice PDF 44 KB Nov 17, 1999

Software & Tools

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
72V845 HSPICE Model - HSPICE TAR 32 KB Jun 28, 1999
72V845 IBIS Model - IBIS ZIP 11 KB Apr 20, 1999