DDR5 memory is projected to double the bandwidth of DDR4, and as with previous generations of DDR memory, IDT’s devices will lead the market in performance and reliability. IDT’s DDR5 PMIC enables the next-generation of server DIMM solutions to efficiently scale to greater performance, density and reliability while reducing overall system power.

The DDR5 PMIC can be used in RDIMMs, LRDIMMs and NVDIMMs and can be paired with IDT’s portfolio of memory interface products to create a full system solution that enables ecosystem partners to drive the DDR5 DIMM transition and deliver products with best-in-class performance and power efficiency. This allows server OEMs and hyperscale customers to realize the benefits of an efficient, scalable memory power system that can be optimized according to memory density, distributes thermal emissions evenly and reduces the overall cost of power delivery and cooling.

Download: P8900 Short-Form Datasheet (PDF)

With a deep knowledge of memory interface chipsets based on successful chipset introductions for all DDR generations, IDT’s devices will provide reliable performance for your application.

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