Qi Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter ICs

Wireless Power Transmitter ICs, Qi-compliant, WPC 1.1 and WPC 1.2

IDT is a leader in wireless power transmitter IC solutions for wireless charger applications. With Qi-compliant support for various input voltages and coil configurations, IDT enables OEMs to develop charging bases that are fully compatible with any Qi-compliant portable device. IDT’s wireless power transmitter solutions are ideal for use in a variety of wireless charger applications, including charging mats and pads, public facilities, office furniture, personal computer docks, and other portable electronic charging systems.

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Qi-compliant Wireless Power Transmitter ICs

IDT was the first in the industry to introduce a Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter IC as a single-chip solution. Built in a proven platform, IDT’s more recent wireless power transmitter ICs are officially certified by the WPC to meet the requirements of the WPC 1.2.4 Qi specification for Tx-A5 and Tx-A11 (5 V single-coil), and Tx-A6 (12 V triple-coil) configurations, respectively. IDT also offers devices operating with a 5 V input, allowing them to be powered by any standard USB port, USB wall adapter, or traditional 5 V adapter. Such ports and adapters are ubiquitous and already included with many popular portable electronics, streamlining the user experience and reducing solution cost. In addition, IDT’s wireless power transmitter ICs are designed as single-chip or highly-integrated solutions, enabling system designers to minimize system complexity, ease PCB routing constraints, and simplify the bill of materials.

About Wireless Power Transmitters
Wireless power transmitter ICs are intelligent devices used to take a DC input power supply and convert and condition that supply into an AC signal used to drive an inductive coil for the purpose of transmitting power wirelessly. The devices are generally designed to support a specific coil type and configuration, and may be optimized for different DC input voltages depending on their application. Some wireless power transmitter ICs include an integrated half-bridge inverter while others will drive an external inverter. A good wireless power transmitter IC will include all the necessary communications, control, and safety functions necessary to comply with a given wireless power standard, such as Qi or PMA.