Wireless Power Reference Solution for 0.5W to 3W Applications

IDT’s wireless power reference kit is targeted for applications ranging from 0.5 to 3W. The reference kit is comprised of both the transmitter (P9235A-R-EVK) and the receiver (P9027LP-R-EVK) with three different coil size options supporting applications with different form factors.

The comprehensive, turnkey reference design enables immediate prototyping. An associated layout module allows for direct instantiation on to a system board, while an optimized and fully-tested BOM takes the guess-work out of component selection. In addition, the extensive digital library of collateral eliminates traditional design and support barriers regardless of application volume.


  • Supports up to 3W applications
  • Complete wireless power system with 3-coil sizes
    • Supporting a wide range of applications and form factors
  • Peak 80% system efficiency at 3W
  • Seamless integration with drop-in reference layout provided
  • Complete development package for fast prototyping
  • Compact active PCB area:
    • Rx: 32 mm²
    • Tx: 500 mm²

Product Options

Orderable Part ID Part Status Buy Sample
WP3W-RK Obsolete

Technical Documentation

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
WP3W-RK Reference Kit Manual Manual - Reference Board PDF 2.73 MB May 15, 2016
Application Notes & White Papers
AN-936 P9235A-R-EVK Layout Guidelines Application Note PDF 1.48 MB May 15, 2016
PDN# : WP-18-01 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 17 KB Sep 19, 2018
P9027LP-R-EVK Allegro Schematic DSN File Schematic ZIP 108 KB Jun 14, 2018
P9027LP-R-EVK 4-layer Allegro MDD File Engineering ZIP 93 KB Jun 14, 2018
Wireless Power Reference Solution for 0.5W to 3W Applications (WP3W-RK) 日本語 Product Brief PDF 333 KB Nov 29, 2016
AN-933 P9027LP-R-EVK Layout Guidelines Engineering PDF 858 KB May 15, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK 2-layer Allegro MDD File Engineering ZIP 174 KB May 13, 2016
P9027LP-R-EVK 4-layer Gerber Files Engineering ZIP 658 KB May 13, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK 2-layer Gerber Files Engineering ZIP 777 KB May 6, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK Schematic Schematic PDF 29 KB May 5, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK Bill-of-materials (BOM) Engineering XLSX 22 KB May 5, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK 2-layer Allegro Board File Engineering BRD 1.14 MB May 5, 2016
P9235A-R-EVK Allegro Schematic DSN File Schematic DSN 298 KB May 5, 2016
P9027LP-R-EVK PDF Schematic Schematic PDF 20 KB May 2, 2016
P9027LP-R-EVK 4-layer Allegro Board File PCB Design Files ZIP 199 KB May 2, 2016
P9027LP-R-EVK Bill-of-materials (BOM) Engineering XLSX 20 KB May 2, 2016