The F1451 is a High-Gain/High-Linearity 450MHz to 1100MHz TX Variable Gain Amplifier used in transmitter applications. The F1451 TX VGA provides 32dB maximum gain with +41dBm OIP3 and 3.6dB noise figure. Up to 29.5dB gain control is achieved using the combination of a digital step attenuator (DSA) plus KLIN™ RF variable gain amplifier gain adjustment. This device uses a single 5V supply and 185mA of ICC. This device is packaged in a 6 × 6 mm, 28-QFN with 50Ω single-ended RF input and RF output impedances for ease of integration into the signal path.


  • Broadband 450MHz to 1100MHz
  • 32dB max gain
  • 3.6dB NF at max gain (900MHz)
  • 29.5dB total gain control range, 0.5dB step
  • < 2dB overshoot between major gain transitions 
  • +41dBm OIP3
  • Maintains +23dBm output P1dB over 13dB gain adjustment range
  • SPI interface for DSA control
  • Single 5V supply voltage
  • ICC = 185mA
  • Up to +105°C TCASE operating temperature
  • 50Ω input and output impedance
  • Standby for power savings
  • Pin compatible 1400–2300 MHz and 2100–2950 MHz versions
  • 6 × 6 mm, 28-QFN package


発注型名 Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
Active VFQFPN 28 K はい Tray
Active VFQFPN 28 K はい Reel


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F1451 Datasheet データシート PDF 8.90 MB
RF Product Selection Guide ガイド PDF 1.18 MB
AN-896 RF Products EVS Digital Control Software Guide アプリケーションノート PDF 3.17 MB
PCN#A1709-04 Alternate Assembly Location at ASECL on Select Package 製品変更通知 PDF 32 KB
F1451 IBIS Model モデル-IBIS ZIP 0 KB
F1451 S-Parameters モデル-Sパラメータ ZIP 1.26 MB
RF Digital Control Software Installer ソフトウェアツール ZIP 169.81 MB
RF Products Family Overview (Japanese) English, 简体中文 概要 PDF 1.69 MB
IDT Products for Radio Applications (Japanese) English 製品概要 PDF 6.27 MB