The ZSC31050KIT Evaluation Kit provides the hardware needed for configuration, calibration and evaluation of the ZSC31050 Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC) IC. The user's PC can communicate with the ZSC31050 IC socketed on the ZSC31050 SSC Evaluation Board via the SSC Communication Board through a USB connection. The Evaluation Kit Software is available on-line for free download.

The Evaluation Board can connect to the user's sensor or to the SSC Sensor Replacement Board (SRB). The SRB provides a replacement for an actual sensor and can be used for the first step of calibration or a dry-run calibration. On the SRB, the simulated resistive sensor signal is controlled by a potentiometer. The kit also includes the small unpopulated Test Board for facilitating user prototypes.

For further information and support for the SSC Communication Board, visit the SSC-CB product page.

Boards can also be ordered separately. To enable product comparisons, this modular kit is compatible with other select IDT devices. Contact your local sales representative for more information.


  • ZSC31050 Evaluation Board
  • SSC Communication
  • SSC Sensor Replacement Board
  • SSC Test Board
  • 5 ZSC31050 samples
  • USB Cable


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ZSC31050 SSC Evaluation Kit Description 手册 PDF 1.32 MB
应用指南 &白皮书
ZSC31050 Application Note - Temperature Sensing with PTC RTDs 应用文档 PDF 682 KB
ZSC31050 AN 0-10V Output - Gerber Files Rev 6.1 (zip) 软件工具 ZIP 847 KB
ZSC31050 Evaluation Kit Software Rev. 软件 ZIP 4.07 MB
ZSC31050 Alarm Parameter Calculation Spreadsheet Rev. 1.00 其它参数 XLSX 13 KB
ZSC31050 Calibration Current Loop Rev 1.00 Spreadsheet 其它参数 XLS 46 KB
ZSC31050 Bandwidth Calculation Spread Sheet Rev. 1.61 其它参数 XLS 230 KB