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Automotive Center of Excellence

IDT operates its automotive center of excellence via its wholly owned subsidiary in Germany – IDT Europe GmbH (formerly ZMD AG). This subsidiary / center of excellence is TS-16949 certified and supports functional safety requirements according to ISO 26262. Learn more about IDT's automotive quality.


Recent Manufacturing Bulletins

Quality & Reliability Monitors: Secure Portal Access

Follow these steps to access IDT Quality and Reliability Monitors Secure Portal.

  1. Register for a user account on IDT.com: http://www.idt.com/user/register
  2. Follow the instructions (sent to you in email) to 'validate' and 'activate' your account
  3. Once registered with a validated account, send an email to the Q+R Team at: Quality-Reliability@idt.com - and request access to the Quality and Reliability Monitors Secure Portal.
  4. The Q+ R Team will follow up with you as needed.

Export, Shipping and Container Information

This document contains the ECCN, HTSUS or EUHTS classification for IDT products: