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Automotive Center of Excellence

IDT operates its automotive center of excellence via its wholly owned subsidiary in Germany – IDT Europe GmbH (formerly ZMD AG). This subsidiary / center of excellence is TS-16949 certified and supports functional safety requirements according to ISO 26262. Learn more about IDT's automotive quality.


Recent Manufacturing Bulletins

Quality & Reliability Monitors: Secure Portal Access

Follow these steps to access IDT Quality and Reliability Monitors Secure Portal.

  1. Register for a user account on IDT.com: http://www.idt.com/user/register
  2. Follow the instructions (sent to you in email) to 'validate' and 'activate' your account
  3. Once registered with a validated account, send an email to the Q+R Team at: Quality-Reliability@idt.com - and request access to the Quality and Reliability Monitors Secure Portal.
  4. The Q+ R Team will follow up with you as needed.

Export, Shipping and Container Information

This document contains the ECCN, HTSUS or EUHTS classification for IDT products:

ITAR Registration

IDT is International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered. It has manufacturing license agreements with the Department of State and foreign vendors allowing it to process wafers, assembly and test for ITAR ASIC products with  its overseas suppliers. IDT also provides QML flows for Military customers.