We will introduce automotive IGBT initiatives and achievements for the powertrain of xEV, which has been growing rapidly in recent years.

By Kenley, Engineer -- 2020-09

Accelerate customer’s development by xEV Inverter Reference Solution (Software)

By Tetsuji Tsuda, Principal Engineer -- 2020-09

Accelerate customer’s development by xEV Inverter Reference Solution (System)

By Ryutaro Minesawa, Principal Engineer -- 2020-09

Facing complexity of development of autonomous vehicle, the Car Industry looks for best compromise between technical challenges and economical constraints.

By Eric Pinton, Director -- 2020-09

Many premium smartphones now include WattShare™ (TRx) power sharing technology which allows a wireless power receiver device to become a transmitter and wirelessly charge another mobile device such as a phone, earbuds charging case, or watch.

By Gopi Akkinepally, Wireless Power Marketing Manager -- 2020-09

The RE Family achieves the highest score (705) in its class, certified by industry’s leading energy efficiency benchmark, ULPMarkTM – CoreProfile that quantified energy cost of MCU’s core performance especially in energy constrained IoT edge devices. Find out how this enables battery powered IoT devices to achieve longer battery life.

By Takuhiro Narita, Senior Staff Expert -- 2020-08

In the era of electrified, autonomous and connected cars, how will Renesas tackle new Automotive Car Server/Communication Gateway (CoGW) market?

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-08

The importance of software has been increasing in today’s so called “CASE” era. Today we would like to introduce our solutions

By Kazuo Kajimoto, Senior Distinguished Engineer -- 2020-08

The consequences of battery issues are becoming more painful for both designers and users so next generation Lithium-ion battery designs need to select a battery management platform more capable than in the past. Tad reviews new requirements, features and expectations for modern battery management.

By Tad Keeley, Battery Product Marketing Manager -- 2020-08